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You can use this demo site to test the function of the Free Gifts module.

Admin is /freegiftadmin
User freegifttest
P freegift1

Configuration/Free Gifts is where you set options such as gift image size, weight, date added etc.

To set products as gifts got to Catalog, select the category then edit the product. Towards the top you will see a checkbox to set the product to be available as a gift. Scroll to the price entry and you can set whatever price you want here. Be it discounted from the normal price or 0.00 for a free gift.

Save the edits.

You will see that the products list in admin has been updated to show quick reference icons and prices to show what products have been set as a gift and the price that you are offering the gift for.

Again on the Catalog menu, go to the Free Gifts option at the bottom of the drop down. Here you can select your products from the drop down menu and then apply the threshold that must be reached before this gift applies.

Store side you have a side box that will display the gift image complete with price and threshold, encouraging shoppers to spend to reach the threshold. You can click on individual gifts for an ajax window with brief details, or click 'More" at the top if the side box to be taken to a gift page where all are displayed.

Once in the cart you will see any gifts available based on what you have spent, plus a "Spend x.xx more to get this" message for any gifts that have a threshold close to your current spend level.

You can click on the gift to view it, then either add it to cart or return to the basket. If you add the gift to cart you have the option of proceeding straight to checkout or returning to basket.

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